Rozell Safety Barrier

The problem

Risk management of workers and the public where there are restricted areas, hazardous sites and confined space issues accessed by an aperture. Signage is essential to highlight the danger and obstructions are needed to restrict ingress in to these areas.



  • Oil / gas (Shell, Esso, BP, Lukoil (Russian), NAM (Dutch))
  • Utilities
  • Local councils / governmental organisations
  • Construction
  • Highway / rail maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Warehouse / logistic management organisations

These products have a 2 1⁄2 year proven track record of use in the field in northern Europe.

1. The Rozell Manhole Barrier

Ideal for securing the entrance / exit to large storage facilities, tanks or pipes where bolts are used to secure it in place.

2. The Rozell Skirt Barrier and 3. Rozell Multi-Barrier

Are very flexible, suitable for signing and restricting access to a broad range of out-of-bounds and hazardous areas via apertures, gaps, doorways / windows, openings, vents, works corridors.

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